Translation of French answerphone message

The quality of the assistance provided to me by Anita le Moulec was outstanding.

For weeks I received a recorded telephone message spoken at a very fast rate in French. I am comfortable with face-to-face conversations in French but this recording was too fast for me to understand.

I played my own recording of the message to Anita over the telephone. She translated it for me but she also recognised that the phone number I was being asked to call was a special number that charges an exorbitant fee per minute.

I benefited from Anita's language skills and from her broad knowledge of France.

I am a very happy client. I plan to turn to Anita again for help in the near future.

Reg Crowder
Cotes d'Armor, Brittany

Invaluable help with sorting local taxes, EDF etc

It is good to hear that Anita LEMOULEC now has a website and has new accreditation in Renne.

Anita has been very helpful to us in our French adventure.

We bought a property in France in 2005. The sale was reasonably straight forward but quite different to the way we would buy a house in England. It wasn't long before, despite our best efforts at speaking French and adjusting to new ways of doing things, that a few problems arose; not only with language and translation but also knowing who to deal with and how to do it.

Anita was able to help us with quite a few problems relating to local and habitation taxes at Loudeac which became very confused on both sides until she stepped in. There were also issues with some planning applications which were tricky. Then we needed to have the electricity supply into the house moved from over head to underground and Anita dealt with EDF and arranged everything. It went like clockwork.

Just recently there was another problem with the power supply and again Anita helped us with that.

We are always keen to try to deal with things ourselves but sometimes when it has to be right or it all gets a bit confusing it is a great help to be able to call Anita who is always willing to help, very professional and reasonably with her cost.

We are very happy to recommend Anita LEMOULEC.

Ed & Jenny Snell

Planning permission, banking and household ... all sorted

Hi Anita
I wish you well in your new role. I do hope I will not be needing your services in the courts. Thanks for everything you have done for me in the past seven years since I first got to know you. You have sorted problems from planning permission, banking, tax househould charges and electric. Thanks again and best of luck.

John Cronin

Anita is always very responsive and covers all problems in full

We have been working with Anita for 8 years and more now and have always experienced an excellent service. We've been renovating a property in France and Anita has been actively involved throughout.

She is always very responsive, covers any, and all, problems in full and has broached subjects on an incredibly wide spectrum (including taxes of all types, utilities and shopping for the odd electrical appliance!).

Anita is always polite and she has very much now become a friend of the family as well as everyone involved in the renovation. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Anita for any translation service. She is a true professional with a very friendly and approachable manner.

Gavin Findlay
On behalf of SCI Les 5 Chemin.

Efficient, cheerful and a delight to work with

My French interests have been looked after entirely by Anita for the last eight years.I have never found her other than efficient, and single minded in seeing a task to a satisfactory conclusion.

On a personal level I find her cheerful and a delight to work with,and hope for many more years of collaboration.

Geoffrey Wilson
North Wootton, England

Translation assistance with EDF

My husband and I have used Anita's services as a translator in the past and she gives a positive, efficient and professional service. There are times when being English and just having conversational French that Anita is needed to make the point and progress the situation. She was invaluable when it came to EDF!

Lucy Allen

Help with legal matters & sourcing tradesmen

When my family and I need help with a legal matter at our property in Brittany, Anita was on the spot immediately. She helped us through the process from start to finish, helped us understand the situation and deal with it in the correct way. An historical boundary dispute (going back to 1933!) would have been impossible to handle without her. All was solved in the end, and for that we remain very grateful to Anita."

Also, when our house was broken into while we were home in England, Anita was on hand to solve everything. She helped report the matter to the police, with statements and with liaising between us and the insurance company. Anita even got somebody to repair the damage to our windows and doors! She helped take away the stress for us of this unfortunate incident and we remain very grateful.

Andy Statham

House purchase legalities

Just a few words to say how pleased we were with the service Anita provided for us when we recently bought our house here in Brittany.

She was very approachable and friendly, making the 'legal' bit so much less daunting, patiently explaining any aspects we were unsure of, we would have no hesitation in recommending her highly.

Bridget and Mike Austen

Help with tax return

Anita has advised and submitted my tax return for the last three years. Anita is very helpful and efficient always happy to telephone the various tax offices for advice before proceeding.

Each year I have learnt more about the complicated system and can recommend Anita highly.

Sarah Self

Planning permission and renovation

Anita has done quite a bit of work for us recently. We met her as the appointed translator for our house purchase last year and have subsequently made use of her services for some renovation work and applying for "planning permission". All completed without fuss or trouble. Anita's breadth of local knowledge compliments her language skills perfectly.

We will certainly make use of her service again when the need arises.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jon and Jo Elkin

Tax Form Completion

This is the first year we have had to complete Tax forms in France and we have to say that without Anita’s help and knowledge we would have been unable to complete the returns. She was a godsend and her knowledge of the English language enabled us to understand all the processes.

Des and Carole Semmens

French Taxation

For several years, Anita has been of great assistance in guiding me though the French taxation system. Without her fluent English and knowledge I would have had a lot of difficulty in completing the tax returns. I congratulate her on her recent appointment as an official translator at The Courts of St Brieuc and Loudeac and wish her good fortune in the future.

John Anders

Legal Advice

I first met Anita in Jan 2014 through a friend. She recommended I see an avocat which she found for me then accompanied me to the gendarmerie at Loudeac.

She is a very kind and caring person who knows her job. My case is still going on thanks to Anita.

I would recommend her to anyone who needs help.

Margaret Ledoux

Advice on all things French

Anita has been a great support and source of sound advice on all things French.

I value all the help that I have received, and am proud to be able to look upon her as a friend.

Clive Mercer
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