Anita Le Moulec

Bilingual Translator

In an unfamiliar language even the smallest issues can seem huge.

As a bilingual translator and interpretor I will help you to overcome the language barrier and generally make your life in France much easier whether it be moving house, completing Income Tax Forms or sourcing tradespeople .. no job is too big or too small.

About Me

Providing French to English and English to French translation, mediating and interpreting services on a daily basis for over 18 years has enabled me to keep my language skills up to date.  As well as receiving my Masters Degree in English as a Foreign Language and Linguistics I have also recently been appointed as a Translator & Interpreter for the Court of Appeal of Rennes, Brittany.

Having a vast experience of translating and interpreting complex legal documents from Notaries (Solicitors), Tax Offices and other French institutions has enabled me to help people make the transition from living in the UK to life in France.

It is very important that information does not get ‘lost in translation‘ especially when dealing with legal situations.  I can explain and simplify the more technical vocabulary usually involved in judicial matters so that you can understand clearly what is happening.

Just give me a call and explain the situation and I will help … whether translating an official deed or medical report, understanding an EDF bill or meeting and liaising with the Tax Office on your behalf.


Translation of French answerphone message

The quality of the assistance provided to me by Anita le Moulec was outstanding.

For weeks I received a recorded telephone message spoken at a very fast rate in French. I am comfortable with face-to-face conversations in French but this re...

Reg Crowder
Cotes d'Armor, Brittany

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