Brittany interpreting services

  • Legal Assistance in Brittany

    I am an appointed Translator & Interpreter for the Court of Appeal of Rennes and have a vast experience of translating & interpreting legal documents. During meetings with Notaries (Solicitors) & French authorities I will liaise & interpret for you to ensure that you understand clearly what is happening.

  • Just Received your Tax Forms?

    Completing your Income Tax Return form can be a daunting experience even for the French. I can not only help you to complete the forms but if you have any queries I can also arrange a visit to the local Tax Office where I will interpret on your behalf.

  • Buying a house or Moving to France?

    Moving house is always stressful but when also moving to a country where a different language is spoken then it can be overwhelming. From liaising with estate agents and notaires to craftsmen, doctors and utility companies I will help to make your integration into French life much easier.

interpreting fees

Hourly Rate: €55.00

other services

Need a crafstman?
I can help find them and liaise with them on your behalf to help achieve your goals
Visiting the hospital but worried that you won’t understand what’s happening?
I will accompany you and liaise and interpret with doctors and translate any paperwork
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