Invaluable help with sorting local taxes, EDF etc

It is good to hear that Anita LEMOULEC now has a website and has new accreditation in Renne.

Anita has been very helpful to us in our French adventure.

We bought a property in France in 2005. The sale was reasonably straight forward but quite different to the way we would buy a house in England. It wasn’t long before, despite our best efforts at speaking French and adjusting to new ways of doing things, that a few problems arose; not only with language and translation but also knowing who to deal with and how to do it.

Anita was able to help us with quite a few problems relating to local and habitation taxes at Loudeac which became very confused on both sides until she stepped in. There were also issues with some planning applications which were tricky. Then we needed to have the electricity supply into the house moved from over head to underground and Anita dealt with EDF and arranged everything. It went like clockwork.

Just recently there was another problem with the power supply and again Anita helped us with that.

We are always keen to try to deal with things ourselves but sometimes when it has to be right or it all gets a bit confusing it is a great help to be able to call Anita who is always willing to help, very professional and reasonably with her cost.

We are very happy to recommend Anita LEMOULEC.

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